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Re: IBC Special inspection for Slab-on-Grade supporting HVAC unit.

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Actually, the original question specifically was whether or not Special
Inspection was requird for a slab-on-grade (that happened to be supporting
a roughly 1000 lb HVAC unit) clearly indicated in the subject line of
this entire thread.  It happens to turn out that the question is "part of"
the more generalized question of whether or not Code requirements for
structural slabs do/should apply for SOGs.  You seemed to know the
specific original question earlier in your post, but then go on to miss
"define" it here later in your post.  Kind of ironic considering how your
whole message seemed to be about how Codes (and ACI documents in
particular) do  a bad a job of defining nonstructural SOGs Codes.  In the
end, it illustrates two things (to me at least): 1) Why it is so difficult
for anyone (committees, individuals, organizations, etc) to write code
language that is 100% clear in intent and purpose; and 2) One should not
cast stones at other cause one is likely to end up hitting oneself (in
otherwords, to me you kind of look a little foolish calling others to task
for not doing a good job of defining something, when you do the exact same

But, hey, what do I know?


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

> comply with the Code.  Your design might be incorrect if it does not comply with
> the client's requirements for serviceability but this has nothing to do with
> whether Code requirements for structural slabs apply (which is actually what
> the question was.)  It should be noted that most stiffened slabs-on-ground

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