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RE: Paypal

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Thanks Bill.  It looks like for “merchants” they charge about 2-3% of the amount depending on how large it is (big payments, they take less of a cut). The figure it out on a monthly basis. So if you receive more then 3 grand in a month, it goes down, again at 10k, and again at 100k (well, hopefully one day). If I am reading it right, you are charged only when a transaction occurs, so it’s not a subscription and a monthly fee.


I would hesitate to sign up if It’s gonna cost me a hundred bucks a year or something since I only get asked the question 2-3 times a year, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.


So I guess if the client wants to take on the fee, it would work okay. Seems really simple.




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I’m not familiar with it to know whether or not it would be a good way to accept payment from clients. Does the stuff get electronically deposited into an account or do they send you a check in a few days? Is it “safe” (I know that’s a relative term). I guess to make this short, does anyone else out there do this and what is your impression.



I paid my website designer via paypal. I think it's well worth it.

That said, do be aware that it is not "free" accept CC payments via PayPal. I can't remember the details, but we sold something on eBay last year, and the guy only had a CC, so we set it up for him. They charged a fee (and it may be annually renewing, from my recollection).


It did "turn around" almost instantly, and the funds were in our bank account the day after he made the payment, IIRC.


Check on PayPal's website.



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