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Re: Paypal

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I agree about the overdue accounts, but most of my clients that are delinquent are not that way because of credit cards. I use paypal exclusively for ebay auctions because its instant and more reliable for those type of transactions (there are a lot more dishonest folks on the net today than there were back in the early 90s). I haven't looked into "real" merchant accounts...I know that there are some which are built for telephone-only transactions, and don't even require a paper printout or signature. Given the number of small, one-off clients ($285 for residential Real Estate reports pop up a couple of times a month) it might be worth it for them. Then again, most of them greet me at the site with their checkbook and pen in hand. Everything else is "too big" for a CC payment, or is with regular clients who prefer to run checks biweekly/monthly for their AP.

Gil Brock wrote:

Actually there are benefits, like not having to wait for the cheque in the mail or go to the bank to deposit it.

I assume it is the same in the US but we can
- organise it through our bank (even though we do not have a credit card with the bank)
- the party does not have to bank with the same bank
- pay about $2.50 per month plus 2% (electronic lodgement is a higher monthly fee) - charge the customer extra if you want to recover the fees but 2% is worth it, especially on small amounts, if you do not have to continually send reminders etc and wait for the money
- not get charged fees for bouncy cheques
- not get charged fees for banking cheques

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