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Re: Paypal

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I received one of these calls also around mid-day.  When I asked who they were, they kept repeating weather I took cash or a credit card.  I eventually hung up.  From the comments on the list, it looks like they are going down the California S.E.'s list.

Neil moore, S.E.

At 02:24 PM 6/1/2005, Gerard Madden, SE wrote:
From time to time, I get clients asking me if they can pay me with a credit card. I got a ?you take credit cards?? blunt call this morning and when I said ?no? they hung up. Probably just a telemarketer or something? but it got me thinking.
I bought some stuff from E-bay ( a printer) when I first started my business. I paid using pay-pal and everything went smoothly.
I?m not familiar with it to know whether or not it would be a good way to accept payment from clients. Does the stuff get electronically deposited into an account or do they send you a check in a few days? Is it ?safe? (I know that?s a relative term). I guess to make this short, does anyone else out there do this and what is your impression.
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