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Re: Residential Steel Detail

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I agree, it doesn't "feel" right. This is because you're using a weld in tension/bending to support a connection which does not have a directly supported gravity path. (I'm assuming the flat plate's third side weld is on the cut face of the beam flange, which is where it should be) The flat plate on top will bend, stressing the weld more on the leading edge of the beam. It lends itself to a fatigue failure.  Typically, I shiver a bit everytime I see a weld which is not loaded in dhear, parallel to the length of the weld line. I know it is used, but it's not using the weld in its strungest direction.  I suppose it's like seeing a ledger with only top bolts - it may work fine for a low load condition, but it just _looks_ wrong.   Top loading a beam always looks unstable at first blush, though in this case, any vertical force applied will act to restore the beam rather than being progressive.

One thought would be to change your weld plate to two bent plate sections welded to the web, where the outer radius of the section is greater than the flang/web fillet radius so that it would "nest" against both the bottom flange and web of the supported member.  This won't load the supporting beam concentrically and it might not give as much tolerance.

S. Gordin wrote:
Thanks for the response and for a quite clear description.
However, the detail you suggesting would not solve the problem of tolerances and field "adjustments."  One still has to make two beams to fit almost perfectly in a grossly imperfect (tolerance-wise) existing wood framing.
Fabrication is not a problem - construction is.
Your first sentence is exactly what I would like you to elaborate on: what - if anything - is not right with the detail I suggested?
Steve Gordin, SE

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