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Re: Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures

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ranmoo wrote:
I see that ACI offers  "440.2R-02: Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures" ..... has anyone used this code or have any direct experieince with using FRP as a means of strengthening exisitng structures.
Yes. I was "fortunate" to have a friend in the business, and we have done several of these projects together, he as contractor/applicator and I as engineer. Check out:

FWIW, ACI 440.2R is not a "code," but a "Guide." The building code applies as always, but the 440 document is considered the definitive guide to the design approach. There is much more in the way of discussion than actual design methodology, however, as is the case with many of the ACI "Guide" documents.
Additionally, are you aware of any additonal design resources for this type of application of externally applied FRP?  Texts?  Reference Guides??
ACI 440.2R is pretty much the Bible. There is a newer version in review as we speak; that edition will address a broader range of topics including "Near Surface Embedded" rods (carbon, glass, aramid) and torsion.

The various companies making these systems, such as Sika (SikaDur and CarboDur) and Fyfe (FiberWrap), to name just two, typically have engineering staff who can answer specific questions. I have worked with people at SGH in Boston, who are Sika's full-time consultants in this effort, and they helped get me started with design aids.

Also, there's a group at University of Missouri-Rolla, headed by Dr. Antonio Nanni, that is very involved in research concerning this technology. I have found Dr. Nanni and his group to be very helpful.
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