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Re: Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures

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Bill already "beat me to the punch" so to speak...ACI 440.2R is NOT a

A little tip to help...any ACI document with a "R" in the document number
is is written in "non-mandatory" language (in otherwords, it doees not
tell you how you HAVE to do things, but rather SUGGESTS how you could do
things).  All codes (and most specifications [at least "reference
specifications"....those that get referenced in contract documents] and
most if not all test methods) MUST be written in mandatory language.  In
otherwords, anything that is legally binding as in either the "law" (aka
codes [using ACI terminology...note AISC tends to call these things
specifications]) or contactual items (such as project specifications which
can reference so called "reference specifications" such as ACI 301) must
be written in mandatory language.  Having a code provisions that just
recommends doing something is kind of not to enforceable.  So, if you are
looking at an ACI document and the document number has an "R" in then,
that document is written is such a way that it cannot be referenced in a
code nor can it/should it be referenced in contract specifications.  FWIW,
there are MANY people who in their concrete specifications reference
things like 305R (Hot Weather Concreting) or 306R (Cold Weather
Concreting).  This frankly does not tell the contractor that s/he MUST do
something but rather "hey, here are some good practices for cold/hot
weather concreting that are recommended to be used".  Thus, if the
contractor chooses to ignore recommendations in those documents, there is
not really much that could be done to force the issue (if it goes far
enough to court or such).  If you really want some of those
recommendations done, you must take what you want and specifically
re-write those items in mandatory language and then "manually" insert them
in your contract specifications.  Of course, there is both ACI 306.1
(which is a specification in mandatory language for cold weather
concreting) and a forth coming 305.X which will be a mandatory hot weather
concreting specification.

As ACI 440R being the definitive document, I would agree with Bill on
this...although it is possible that some might disagree (there are those
out there that are fans of many ACI documents).


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> FWIW, ACI 440.2R is not a "code," but a "Guide." The building code
> applies as always, but the 440 document is considered the definitive
> guide to the design approach. There is much more in the way of discussion
> than actual design methodology, however, as is the case with many of the
> ACI "Guide" documents.

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