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RE: Health Insurance for Engineers

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I have Kaiser. For myself I pay about 195 bucks a month (31-39 age range). With my 3 kids on the same plan I pay 534.00 per month all together. I’ve been happy with the service, although it did increase 60 bucks 2 months ago. I pay $25 bucks a Dr. visit, I think it’s $100 bucks for emergency room, and prescriptions are 10 bucks. They have other plans that are cheaper like a 50 copay plan and a 1500 deductable plan. If it’s just you and you’re healthy, the deductible plan is probably the best deal. My kids are small so I went with the co-pay plan.


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I'm thinking of practicing on my own. For those of you in private practice, where do you get your health insurance? Any suggestions? 



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