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Re: Concrete slab on grade - natural cracking

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I did an A&P store a few years ago and the A&P
consultants also didn't want saw cuts-let it crack
where it will.

On 2 Jun 2005 at 16:54, Ken Peoples wrote:

> We have a project with a wood gymnasium floor on sleepers.  We have
> specified control joints in the slab (both sawcut and formed keyed
> joints).  The contractor is telling us that he would prefer to not put
> the sawcut control joints in and just leave the slab crack wherever it
> needs to crack.  His reasoning (besides saving the cost of sawcutting)
> is that he has had bad experiences with curling at the sawcuts that
> have needed to be ground down.  Apparently when the slab just cracks
> wherever it wants to, the aggregate keeps it from curling.  I have not
> heard this argument before, but I can see the logic in it.  I know
> that this would be a problem where reflective cracking might be a
> concern (such as a tile floor), but since there are wood sleepers and
> then a wood floor above that, I wonder if he is correct.  This may be
> a case where less work is better.  He claims that many large slabs
> (like K-Mart or Wal-Mart type buildings) are being done this way
> today.
> I look forward to reading the collective wisdom on this topic.
> Best regards,
> Ken
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