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Re: Health Insurance for Engineers

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On Jun 4, 2005, at 12:10 AM, Randy Vogelgesang S.E. wrote:

Consider either a MSA or the new HSA.
Consider: Our last two big ailments were a gall bladder problem with complications and a cardiac arrest with stent emplacement, Both were pretty much complete recovery without a lot of additional nasty stuff and cost about $20 grand and $60 grand respectively. The cardiac involved no by-pass or other serious surgery, but a lot of tests and a 4 day hospital stay. Both of these are fairly serious events, but nothing like the financial catastrophe you get from cancer or major long-term disability.

If you've got an 80/20 policy 20% of the total is $16 grand. If you can afford to sit on $16000 in a MSA while you're waiting for disaster, maybe it's for you. For a society that, on average, saves nothing for anything, the notion of MSA's being the magic bullet seems strange. OTOH, before we qualified for Medicare, our last yearly HMO premiums were around $15 grand, and we haven't had dependents since 1994. Staying healthy costs the big bucks.
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