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Re: Health Insurance for Engineers

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On Jun 5, 2005, at 7:54 AM, Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

The money you put into HSA is pre-tax (like a 401k).
All my health insurance expenses are pre-tax, since I'm incorporated. The corp picks up everything. It works for me because I have no other employees, and don't consider having any. It's probably fair to mention that my health insurance began as group insurance in my last direct job. I got COBRA'ed into it when I got laid off. Since my wife had a couple of pre-existing things, we didn't have much leeway about getting into another plan. Up to the cardiac arrest, I didn't have any problems either, since I tended to take pretty good care of myself. The gall bladder thing was also unexpected, and had some complications.

My point is that there's a big difference between the day to day stuff--dental, co-pays for flu prescriptions or stitches after bike mishaps and major illness. You can get well up into 5 figures in no time at all for acute care. I don't think you can fight off cancer or MS for 3 years without taking an absolutely devastating hit. And don't get me started on prescription drugs…
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