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Transition from Sloping Concrete Slab to Level

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I'm working on a project where I am adding a new, level concrete slab over
an existing, sloping slab.

The basic section I'm working with is a new 3-1/2" slab reinforced with #3 @
15" E.W. over a cellular concrete fill over the existing slab.

The problem I have is where the existing plane intersects the new plane. I
don't want to taper the new concrete to zero; I don't even want to taper it
thinner than 3-1/2".

The existing slab is structural (supported by air), so I can't cut into it
to provide a shelf for the new slab to key into.

Anyone have any other ideas? The area is about 15 ft. x 13 ft. I thought
about non-shrink epoxy grout, but with a maximum depth of, say, 4" and a
minimum depth of 0", this would require about 250 gallons and I'm sure this
is cost prohibitive.


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)	
Consulting Structural Engineers	
V (949) 248-8588	 .	 F (949) 209-2509	


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