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Re: Health Insurance for Engineers

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The reason that this does not happen is that I believe it cannot under
current law/regulations.  I don't know it there is anything actively
preventing it per se (i.e. such as it being against the law), but rather
nothing forcing it to happen.  As a result, insurance companies only treat
employees of a company as a group.

There have been efforts in Congress I believe and I believe suggested by
Bush to put such a change into effect (i.e. let small groups of
like-minded people/professionals or groups of small companies band
together to negotiate group health insurance plans at better prices).  I
don't know where it stands right now.

The end result is that there is health insurance available through
professional groups (ASCE and NSPE have plans that they have negotiated),
but they are NOT group plans.  So, if you have pre-existing conditions,
then these plans won't work for you.  And even if it will work for you, it
is techinically an individual plan that was just "negotiated" by an
organization for their members.


Adrian, MI

On Sun, 5 Jun 2005, Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

> There is no reason why we, as a professional group, could not qualify
> for a group insurance plan. It takes coordination through SEA or ASCE or
> any organization that would invest in the time to help organize a plan
> with an insurance provider like Blue Cross. My wife's plan is through
> the owner of the hospital she works at which is located in Florida. The
> plan covers all employees to opt into it. If there is a group, even
> nationally, there can be a choice of policies that each can join with or
> without existing conditions the same as if they worked for an employer
> who offered healthcare. The difference would be that the insured pays
> the entire premium rather than having the association pay into the plan
> as an employer might.
> Seems to me that our professional groups are not considering this
> important enough - especially if the board members work for companies
> that already offer them a plan.
> Anyone get an idea from this :-) ?  Now run with it as I've done my
> share and got shot down.

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