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Re: Precast vs Poured

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I believe you cannot assume precast a floor system is less expensive than site cast (if it is wet enough to "pour" it is too wet). To determine which is less expensive you need a very good cost estimate of material, hardware, placement and topping, etc. It is very difficult to determine which system is less expensive- it depends not only on local markets for both readymix and precast elements but also on the configuration of your structure. If there is just a retangular plan it is more likely that a precast system may be less expensive but if it has a lot of jogs, a site cast system is likely to be better.
And as has been pointed out, a site cast system can be tied together much more easily.
Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA       P.S. all of the houses which fell here within the last week were built in the 60s and appear to be
                                                 lacking caissons or anything very sophisicated for foundations. There is a local news story
                                                 about an architect who said he did the design of his house (by himself). It fell.
On Sun, 05 Jun 2005 14:14:49 -0400 "Will Haynes" <gtg740p(--nospam--at)> writes:
An architect asked me the other day whether I would prefer to use precast or poured in place concrete for a new courthouse he is looking at.  I am trying to get a list of advantages and disadvantages of each system .
He is looking at the building being made of precast floors and facade, poured floors with precast facade, or poured floors with brick facade. Of course money is the most important factor for this project. It will be about 50,000 sq ft, involving 2 to 3 stories.
From what I know, the precast will be cheaper and it will go up a lot faster. But there will be less flexibility for penetrations. I would rather do the poured concrete (whether reinforced or post tensioned) because of the design involved. But of course I can't recommend it based on just that. I was hoping one of you had recently done a similar size and function building and could give some advice either way, (not just which system will be the cheapest even though that is the most important aspect). 

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