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RE: Poured in Place Slab vs. Raised Floor

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There is nothing wrong with learning is there?


The Internet was founded on FREE information, advice and learning, have you forgotten that? (Google as of lately has been trying to resurrect that idea) If I want to ask a question about “world domination and the spread of democracy; even by force if necessary”, then I ask a NEO-CON; plain and simple.


Ask me a question about Real Estate or Mortgages (my areas of expertise) and I will give you as much free unbiased information as you can handle.



Los Angeles



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So now Developer Kevin is looking for free advice.  That's even cheaper than what he was looking for before!


Bill Cain, SE

Berkeley CA


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I have a LOT and the geologist gave us a soil bearing capacity of 5000 psi for the conventional footings, this is in southern California, Eagle Rock Area.


One of the structural engineers that I spoke with asked me if I wanted to use a poured slab on grade or a raised floor. I told him a poured slab on grade. I assume that in the case of a high seismic area or an earthquake, a reinforced poured slab would provide better protection than raised floor; this is because of the poured slabs monolithic nature.


The footing would be supporting a concrete ICF house.


Can someone give me their professional opinion on this?





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