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RE: LEED Certified

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Rich, four of our structural engineers are LEED certified.  They all took the LEED 1 test.  There is one test, and it is not specific to architects or engineers.  Most of our architects and all of our engineers have passed on the first try, after using the study guide.  I am not aware of any continuing education requirements, nor of any other organization offering LEED certification.  As far as I know, there is not a difference as far as validity between 1 and 2, but our first group has not yet taken the LEED 2 test.  It is a revised version of LEED 1, but covers the same material in general.

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Subject: LEED Certified

Is anyone on the list LEED certified?  Is LEED certification for a structural engineer specific, or is it a general certification, same for architect, mechanical, etc.?  Would a structural engineer take a different test from say an architect?  Is the US Green Building Council the only group that officially certifies LEED designers, or are there others.  If you are LEED certified, was it done under 1.0 or 2.0?  Does it make a difference regarding your certification?  Is there continuing education requirements for maintaining LEED certification?  How difficult was the exam?


I’ve been to the USGBC web site but their information on designer certification is rather vague.