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SLIGHTLY O.T. (Architectural) - Seal Detail for Metal Building Abutting Existing Structure

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Title: SLIGHTLY O.T. (Architectural) - Seal Detail for Metal Building Abutting Existing Structure

I've got kind of a funky little building I'm sketching up. It is meant to be a housing for a chilled-water pump area sitting just outside a 150,000 gallon fiberglass tank. I'm making it CFS framing with CFS skin (e.g. "R" and "U" panels).

I did have the building "done" originally, with the piping going out through the back of the shed into the tank. Then I was informed that they want the shed to actually come right up to the tank and shelter pumps, piping and all appurtenances, to guard against any possibility of freezing.

To make it more complicated they had moved the pumps over so that they are not now radial on the diameter, but offset parallel to the diameter. So the house will be kind of "cattawumpus"  at the back where it abuts the tank. All that is probably clear as mud, but don’t worry: It doesn't really impact my question.

Since it's an FRP wall tank, I'm not going to attach to it in any way. So I'll need some sort of seal--like a "sweep" or something of the kind--that I can attach to the building to make sure that both tank and building can move independently while still maintaining decent protection from moisture, etc. coming from the outside.

I realize this is hardly "SEAINT" material, but I thought with all the things we've collectively seen someone might have run across something that worked.

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