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RE: LEED Certified

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I am not LEED certified yet (the test is $400 and doesn’t benefit an engineer all that much yet), but I did attend a technical seminar recently. 

There is NO difference between an architect that is certified or any other design professional.  The only requirement for LEED certification is that at least 1 person on the design team is certified (but this is usually the architect).  Everybody takes the same overly expensive test.  Right now they are working on LEED 2.2 I believe, and LEED 2.x is drastically different than 1.0…but all those people that were certified under 1.0 are still grandfathered in.  So it’s just up to you to keep current with the state of the art.  No PDH requirements.  The exam for 1.0 was ridiculously easy from what I heard, but 2.x has raised the bar significantly.  USGBC offers some good reference materials for test prep, but those are also painfully expensive.  I would recommend taking a technical seminar if you are interested.  I felt like I could have passed the test easily if I had taken it right after completing the seminar.


~~ Eli Grassley

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Is anyone on the list LEED certified?  Is LEED certification for a structural engineer specific, or is it a general certification, same for architect, mechanical, etc.?  Would a structural engineer take a different test from say an architect?  Is the US Green Building Council the only group that officially certifies LEED designers, or are there others.  If you are LEED certified, was it done under 1.0 or 2.0?  Does it make a difference regarding your certification?  Is there continuing education requirements for maintaining LEED certification?  How difficult was the exam?


I’ve been to the USGBC web site but their information on designer certification is rather vague.