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Offensive language RE: Was Health Insurance for Engineers - Now incorporation

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Subject: RE: Was Health Insurance for Engineers - Now incorporation

Is there any real way to protect your self from professional liability
except for doing a good job and covering your basis? 

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No. In fact, even "doing a good job" won't protect you from litigation,
of course, because anyone can sue anyone else at any time for anything.

I guess a couple of pointers would be:

1) Know your clients. When you have a new client come sniffing around,
check the court records to see if he's "litigious." It seems like the
courts tend to see the same folks' names as plaintiffs on lawsuits on a
regular basis.

2) Do your best and cover your ass-ets. Make sure there's a paper trail.
There's a big difference between "negligence" and "aggravated" or
"criminal negligence." You might still get a judgement against you, but
you're far less likely to have to pay the piper if you have all ducks
neatly in a row.

3) Check out "prepaid legal" or similar. My wife, a teacher, has a plan
through her school district that gives them a couple hours' free
consultation per incident, and a predetermined schedule of fixed fees
for certain common legal situations (for example, we were able to get
our wills made out "for free" as part of the service). She pays a small
amount each month for this.

I'm sure others could pitch in. I won't include this point, because it's
so controversial, but personally I believe in "going bare." I had E&O
and Personal Liability insurance for awhile, but kept hearing how that
made you a target. I have nothing much that anyone would want--and your
home is protected in Texas from seizure--so the only way anyone's
getting anything out of me is if they have me killed and sell off my
body parts.

Cynical, yes, but that's what I believe.

IMO, the legal "industry" has done more to corrupt and all but destroy
the freedoms we have historically enjoyed in this Republic than anything
else I could name.

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