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RE: "dynamic analysis" for earthquake ?

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Title: Re: "dynamic analysis" for earthquake ?

A dynamic analysis is an analysis  in which the loads are changing with time, in constrast with Static Analysis, were the loads don’t have any variation.

Spectral analysis is a typical Dynamic Analysis to study structures under seismic loads..


When the frequency of  the loading is near the frequency of the structure, we have a special case very dangerous: the resonance, were without damping, the loads can go to infinite.


Alberto Guida

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Asunto: Re: "dynamic analysis" for earthquake ?



On Jun 7, 2005, at 11:09 AM, Tom Barsh @ Codeware wrote:

> What qualifies as a "dynamic analysis" for response of a structure to
> an
> earthquake?
In theoretical terms when the frequency of the loading is something
near the frequency of the structure. There are various approximations
like assuming the structure has only one natural frequency or
amplifying the loading to include inertial loading which aren't
strictly speaking 'dynamic analysis,' but close enough for practical
purposes. When you use the approximations you need to know something
about your assumptions.
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