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RE: PEMB's and lateral deflection

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Greetings from East Texas!

We have corresponded some in the past about some questions I have brought up
on the SEAInt list.  I wonder if I might pick you brain on a design problem
I have.  I don't usually deal with buildings this large and I think you
have.  I am designing a foundation for a PEMB with a 475' span.  There are 3
interior column supports.  The rigid frame spans from the exterior wall, in
150' to a column on one side and 120' to a column on the other side, with
the last interior column at the center ridge line.  I have a horizontal
thrust load of 54k.  In typical PEMB's I use hairpins or tie rods to tie the
2 ends of the rigid frames.  Since this is 475' long this doesn't seem
practical.  I see it as 2 options: 1) design the exterior footing for the
overturning force.  This will make it a large footing.  2) tie the base of
the frame to the first interior column, at one end 150' and the other end
120'.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which method have you typically used for large horizontal thrusts on long
span rigid frames?

Thanks for your insight!

Rich Lewis
Lewis Engineering

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