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Response spectrum analyses

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As a follow-up to the question as to what qualifies as a dynamic
analysis, I would like to know how others interpret the applicability of
Section 1615.1.4 of the 2000 IBC.  This section provides the definition
of the "Design Response Spectrum".  As far as I can tell, this response
spectrum is not directly used with the Equivalent Lateral Force
Procedure, and the only direct applications of this Section appear to be
under Section 1618.4 for 'Sam' for buildings and under Section
1623.3.3.1 for dynamic lateral analyses of nonbuilding structures.  Are
there any other places this response spectrum is directly used? 

(UBC has a similar response spectrum which also appears to only be
directly referenced for dynamic analyses.) 

My primary concern is the applicability of Equation 16-20, i.e. the
reduction in spectral response for T<To.  In my opinion, this reduced
response region can only be used when doing code prescribed dynamic

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