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Re: "dynamic analysis" for earthquake ?

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I would not expect a vibration analysis to be used for wind, but rather a CFD model to simulate the complex shedding and fluid/building interactions. Beyond my experience and well beyond my computer simulation capabilities. I have not done a seismic vibration analysis since my thesis project, and that was actually a pretty simple modeling job (in Visual Analysis, for those interested) of a concrete structure. Do those of you running seismic analyses use power spectrum densities for random vibrations (random vibration forcing function with defined values over specified spectral bands)? That's how I used to do spacecraft...just curious if it translates to buildings. Just don't ask me to describe when you have to determine if the stochastic process in question is ergotic (there's a "g" in there...stop sniggering).

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