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More confusion with concrete

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So, I come again to this list with a question stemming primarily from ACI 318. 


I’m “designing” some anchor bolts, and I’m confused about the formula for concrete breakout strength of anchor bolts.  Specifically about Av/Avo.  Because Avo is a function of 1.5*c1, and Av is a function of 1.5*c1, c2, and h – it seems like the larger c1 gets, the smaller Av/Avo gets, which seems counter-intuitive. 


The reason it gets so small is because as c1 gets large, 1.5*c1 will be much larger than h and c2, so that Av becomes much smaller than Avo. 


My confusion is why is Avo a function of c1 if it supposed to approximate the “surface area of full breakout prism… unaffected by edge distance”?


Thank you,

Elias Hahn

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