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RE:Foundation Pinning

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Hello All,

  The effectiveness of the repair will depend on the problem.  If
  settlement is the cause, there is a pretty good chance of correcting
  the problems you mention.  I would review the type of design very
  closely.  Shallow spread footings may not be the best type of
  solution.  There are many types of piles to consider, helical,
  mini-piles, drilled piers, and other "special" types.

  I would pay careful attention to the pile to foundation interface.
  How is the load to transfer from the foundation to the support.  How
  much excavation will be needed to place the "pile".  I have seen
  some repairs in progress that looked like an archeological dig, tore
  up a good bit of  expensive landscaping.

  If it is "heave" the only remedy is to stop it where it is now.
  Typically Homeowners are not as satisfied with repairs due to

  What ever your foundation problems be sure to have a plumbing test
  before and after the repairs to make sure a plumbing leak does not
  cause even more problems.

  Just my 2 cents worth.  I spent a couple of years in the DFW area
  repairing many foundations.  I would think Houston has similar
  "problems" as Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Best regards,
 Steve Thompson                         mailto:steve(--nospam--at)
 Joseph Looney and Associates

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