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STEEL: Min. Required Thickness for Anchor Rod Plate Washers

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Title: STEEL: Min. Required Thickness for Anchor Rod Plate Washers

I'm looking to include some info in a structural steel specification for these plate washers. I'd never really thought much about it before, but this could actually be a critical item of performance.

The Manual of Steel Construction, 3rd Edition, page 14-10 states "[Plate washer] thickness must be suitable for the forces to be transferred." Table 14-2 is cited but concerns itself only with the minimum plate size to cover the anchor bolt hole.

Does anyone have a "rule of thumb" for plate washer thickness for base plate anchor rods, ideally as a function of the anchor bolt diameter?

I realize I could probably spend a few hours coming up with my own (e.g. plate on knife-edge supports with central hole, which IIRC is in "Roark") but I haven't the time right now.

Any insights would be much appreciated.

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