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RE: More confusion with concrete

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What happened to that good old Conservative belief in "free market" and

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'Fraid you're reading WAY to much into my comments (please note that it
was SOMEONE ELSE who came up with the "Government freebie" idea, not

Just because I do believe in a free market doesn't mean I don't care
where my money goes. After all, one of the tenets of capitalism is, you
got to have capital. I don't like to give mine away willy-nilly.

I'm asking a basic question: Why is ACI charging for every item of
information in its possession? Why does AISC have such a different

I don't think they should be "free," just "not for profit." I imagine a
lot of gub'mint money has gone into the research done at public
universities, for example, the results of which are typically published
by ACI.

If I were calling for the gub'mint to "do somethin' 'bout that," you
might have a point. But I'm not.

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