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Re: Class H

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As far as I know, except for ( unread) CSA G40.20 clauses, no special requirement.
"H" and "C" are just manufacturing differences with "C" being cold-formed and seamless welded, and "H" being hot-formed or cold-formed, seamlessly welded and then stress relieved.
I also cannot find where "H" grade is required for compression members.  "C" is generally more readily available.  The only other time the grade might kick in is if Class is critical in seismic design (slenderness etc).  "H" sections have greater resistance, so there may be times when it is preferrable.
For further information go to
But then again, I was wrong once before.

Thor Tandy P.Eng
Victoria, BC
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Can anyone point me to chapter and verse (in Canada) that states that HSS compression members must be class H?




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