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Re: Class H

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> From: "dave lowen" <jatech(--nospam--at)>

> Can anyone point me to chapter and verse (in Canada) that states that HSS
> compression members must be class H?

There is no such requirement. Ummm... if you find one, let me know...

However, there is additional capacity available for HSS Class H (stress
relieved) in compression. There are requirements for Class 1 and Class 2
sections but not limited to HSS.

This is based on CSA S16-01. There may be code influences at work but
I've not heard of this, either. Thor (Victoria, BC) inidcated that he
isn't aware of any seismic issues that would make it mandatory. I guess
that covers everything.

We might be able to help more if we knew the application and context of
the issue. I have found some confusion in the industry about what these
Classes actually represent. 

R. Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ado26(--nospam--at)> <>

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