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RE: Engineer's names

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The Structural Group Leader in our office is named Steele.  The Chief
Structural Engineer that recently retired was named Wood.  I have been
contemplating changing my name to Concrete, to see if it helps with
career advancement! 

William C. Sherman, PE
(Bill Sherman)
CDM, Denver, CO
Phone: 303-298-1311
Fax: 303-293-8236
email: shermanwc(--nospam--at)


	From: Clint Strain, P.E. [mailto:cstrain(--nospam--at)] 
	Thanks Bill.  I guess destiny was in the child somewhere.

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	Clint Strain, P.E.
	What a cool name for a structural engineer!

	(I'm thinking of changing my middle name to A325).

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