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RE: finger jointed dimensional lumber

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Hi Andy,
Hopefully not straying too far from the subject here, but why are you specifying 26' long dimensional lumber?
Is there any way you could use I series joist, or LSL members in lieu of the 2x10's?  I know you can get 26' long engineered wood products, as this is one of their big advantages.  I would expect to pay a premium for super long lengths of dimensional lumber. The difference in cost of a I series joist over the dimensional lumber would be nominal at best - might even be cheaper and faster to obtain than the finger jointed members with better quality control.
Good Luck
Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI

List, I have 2x10 rafters @16” o.c. (spf#2) for a project and now apparently the contractor cannot find the 26’ long rafters.  They would like to use finger jointed rafters.  Do these finger jointed rafters have the same capacity as non-jointed?  How is this determined?  As I am on “digest” mode, please cc to my personal email.  Thank you in advance.