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Re: Design of Curved Steel Beams

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Sounds like Gail's memory was good.  The following is from the AISC website and the answer was from some HDR folks:
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The following sources are recommended as a starting point for further research:
  • AASHTO's Guide Specifications for Horizontally Curved Bridges, 1993. This document contains many guidelines for the design of curved steel I girders.
  • Gaylord, E.H., C.N. Gaylord, and J.E. Stallmeyer, editors, Structural Engineering Handbook, 4th Edition. This textbook contains an entire section on curved I-girders.
  • Nakai, H. and C. Yoo, Analysis and Design of Curved Steel Bridges, 1988. This text is entirely devoted to curved structures and includes much information taken from Japanese curved beam research.
  • Seaburg, P. and C. Carter, Torsional Analysis of Structural Steel Members, AISC Steel Design Guide Series No. 9, 1997. This book contains an excellent presentation on basic theory and practice of design for torsion and warping stresses.
  • Zureick, A., R. Naqib, and J.M. Yadlosky, Curved Steel Bridge Research Project, Interim Report I, "Synthesis," Report No. FHWA-RD-93-129, December, 1993. This report presents a very through survey of the excellent summary of currently proposed design theory and experimental results and an extensive bibliography of curved beam literature.
William N. Poellot, Jr., P.E.
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Domenic A. Colletti, P.E.
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Dallas, TX
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Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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FHWA had a fairly big research project (maybe more than one project) on curved steel beams about five or six years ago.  Something makes me say that HDR was the firm doing the work, but I might be wrong on that.
I think the objective was to come up with design recommendations / guidelines, so you might find something on the FHWA web site.
Gail Kelley