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re: finger jointed lumber

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The owner wanted the attic space, so we designed it stick built.  The rafters worked from a span standpoint, and honestly I did not consider the length issue.  At least now I know to be more mindful of this.  Since the issue came up, I did suggest to the contractor that the i-joists may be a more economical solution.  They indicated that they would still rather go the dimensional lumber route.  I did some checking with a local supplier, and they indicated that once exceeding 24', finger joints are required for dimensional lumber.  He also indicated that the finger jointed lumber is monolithic and with equivalent capacity.  I requested some documentation on that.  


Hi Andy,
Hopefully not straying too far from the subject here, but why are you =
specifying 26' long dimensional lumber?
Is there any way you could use I series joist, or LSL members in lieu of =
the 2x10's?  I know you can get 26' long engineered wood products, as =
this is one of their big advantages.  I would expect to pay a premium =
for super long lengths of dimensional lumber. The difference in cost of =
a I series joist over the dimensional lumber would be nominal at best - =
might even be cheaper and faster to obtain than the finger jointed =
members with better quality control.
Good Luck
Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI


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