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RE: AUTOCAD: Multiline Text -> Multiple Columns

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Title: AUTOCAD: Multiline Text -> Multiple Columns

From: Mike Jones [mailto:mjones(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 11:20 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: RE: AUTOCAD: Multiline Text -> Multiple Columns

We've been inserting a Word document as an OLE object and creating the text columns in Word, along w/the automatic paragraph numbering.
There are several add-ins that facilitate the transfer but of course only work w/the full version Autocad, not LT.  Also, the OLE transfer seems to cause problems w/LT, but works fine in the full version (most of the time, dependant on the individual user.)

Which version of ACAD are you using?
(FWIW, I've always thought it stupid of Autodesk to disable scripting in ACAD LT. It's their choice; as I've mentioned before, Autocad LT is the "full version" of Autocad with a few "switches" disabled at compile time.
I understand that LT ought not to have the same capabilities at that price, but just making it "2D" rather than "3D" ought to be enough! It should be seen as a "2D drafting tool," rather than the full-blown graphical modeling package that is ACAD Full Version
That said, it is easy enough to "re-enable" such things as scripting, raster-image management, etc. Several companies such as DRCAuto in Australia offer "add-ins" for ACAD LT that restore capabilities left out. I have yet to see any of these third-party utilities that aim at "restoring" 3D capability; most ACAD LT users don't care about that. Rather, they tend to focus on the nuts-and-bolts like scripting, etc).

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