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Re: OT RE: AUTOCAD: Multiline Text -> Multiple Columns

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Well, AutoCAD is made to be extensible, you just need enough spare time to learn to program what you want, or enough cash to pay someone else to write and manage it. You see, AutoCAD is then freed up to "innovate" rather than worry about providing basic, everyday stuff (stacked fractions in Dtext? Pshaw! You can create a new font to take care of that!). If AutoCAD wasn't so inexpensive, I might be bitter about this. Oh, that's right, it isn't, and I am.

Anyway, for those considering OLE word files, I've found them to be both convenient and frustrating. Word won't let my make a sheet large enough for my text, and it seems that when I try to make more than two columns, it likes to cut off the third one. Added to that is that fact that the print quality of the text is so-so at best, even in when (admittedly slow HP120) plotter is set for its best quality, at 45 minuses a sheet. Cut and paste is not much better, as I've found that most autoformating in Word doesn't work with AutoCAD fonts - you'll lose your quotation marks and your fractions unless you paste them in as the same font. Which means truetype, typically, and AutoCAD has never figured out how to display TT fonts at better than turtle pace. AutoDesk themselves recommend not using truetype fonts, because of the speed issues.

All of that is to say, "beware of OLE," as it can only end in tears. I am now using Mtext for my notes (Tabs! Woohoo!) and usually just let the text run wild until I'm close to plotting, then break them into 2 or 3 Mtext objects at the last minute (cut & paste), leaving a bit of room at the end of each column for minor additions. The viewports/model space idea is a good one...maybe I'll try that and get it perfected about the time AutoCAD decides to add multi-column Mtext in AutoCAD 2035 (due out in February of 2028 using the current naming scheme).

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