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RE: Lt wt. conc topping for exterior decks

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Gerard---at that thickness, it will be a goodbet to crack, especially right
where you do not want it to. 

I am on the side of the issue that believes fibers deliver very little of
what they are promised to.

Why not cover the decks with fiberglass? That is what a lot of builders do
in this market, especially in coastal environs, it is pretty simple to lay
out fiber sheets and the impreg and it can even be treated with "attractive
non-slip" surfaces so it is comfortable for foot traffic.........

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Subject: Lt wt. conc topping for exterior decks

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I'm designing a house overlooking Napa valley for my best client (he
bought the house and is doing a massive renovation). Part of the project
includes about 2000 square feet of exterior decks and terraces over two
He wants to use concrete topping slab over plywood sheathing over wood
framing. I have designed everything for a 2" light weight concrete
topping slab.
He is specifying waterproofing over plywood and 5/8" gyp bd. w/ skim
coat of stucco on the underside.
He asked me about using a fibermesh type of topping slab and I told him
that my experience with that has been with metal deck filled slabs on
the interiors of steel framed buildings.
Does anyone have any comments, warnings, etc. on the above assembly. I
know two people on this list aren't great believers in this stuff and I
greatly respect their opinions, so I'm cautious about saying go for it.
He obviously wants minimal shrinkage cracking and is concerned about the
sun beating down on the finish surface topping slab. Maybe a sealer over
the slab is a better solution?
I hope that made sense, I'm not too sure.hopefully someone can share
their past experiences good or bad

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