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Wood Floor Truss Joist Problem?

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Fellow Engineers,
Here is another request for your advice: Do you know
of structural problems with metal-plate-connected wood
floor truss joists near the joints of its center open

My client has noticed floor deflection increasing with
time in his residential condo(bought new and now 1
year old)and is concerned about potential long term
effects ? how much larger will the deflection become
and might there be a structural floor failure in the

?Multiframe? results show that truss chords at the
open panel have combined flexure and axial stress much
greater than allowable. Calculated deflection is close
to measured; calculated moments agree with those from
the TPI empirical method. All other members have
acceptable stresses.

Floor span is 24? and the wood trusses are 18? deep,
with (1)-4?x2? SP#1 members. There is a 24? open panel
at the truss center. Measured floor deflection near
the open panel is about 0.4? over 5?. One joist bay
beneath the troubled area is exposed and I?ve measured
tributary length of 22?. Metal plates and the wood
members look OK.

If this stress result is actually true then there
ought to be many cases where structural problems have
occurred. I don?t know of any. Have I missed


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