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Re: Arch. Desktop / Revit Structure

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Gil Brock wrote:

Several times on this list you have requested information on software wanting something free or cheap (recently regarding PT design software for one). Many other engineers have expressed the same desire.

Well, a few points in rebuttal:

1) I was not complaining about the dearth of complex, all-encompassing CAE software. I was merely making an observation. I have no feelings one way or the other. Adam Smith is a friend of mine.

2) I think it is fallacious to compare the sort of distributed-system software that I referred to in my little missive, with a spreadsheet or a mathcad sheet for solution of, say, a prestressed concrete girder. For one thing (among many), those kinds of small-problem solutions are typically the kind that any one of us could put together on our own if we chose to take the time. I have asked for such solutions, it is true; I have also put together some on my own, and handed them out to others. It's called "community." It's a big part of the internet experience.

Now, if you'd like to try your hand at writing something like PDS or Autodesk's Revit, I'd be glad to donate some of my own time to help, for what it's worth. But I suspect that even you can see a glaring difference between such an undertaking and writing a spreadsheet to compute rigid-diaphragm forces.

3) I use Fedora Core Linux. It's free. I've paid only "in kind" to participate in that community (for example, today I downloaded both the i386 and the x86_64 versions of the brand-new Fedora Core 4 via BitTorrent ( I left the BT downloader on for about twenty-four hours and thereby leant a bit of my own resources to the torrent to enable others to benefit from the smoother (and faster) downloads thereby.

There are many ways to "pay" for services on the 'net.

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