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OT-Volunteering on Code Committees

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I couldn't help replying to comments about serving on
code committees.  I sat on a Canadian Standards Assoc-
iation committee for 13 years, on overhead cranes.
It was an exercise in frustration--the CSA represent-
ative on the committee was obstructionist at best-
he fought the volunteers all the way and the CSA
offered no other help in any way except to whine about
the cost--which was growing because of their
obstructionist rep.  Anyway in the end it was shot down
by the CMAA(Crane Manufacturers Assoc of America) over
copyright issues. I can't blame them for that, but at
the beginning they said they had no objection to our
using parts of their spec, but after so many years they
changed their minds or personnel.  The CSA turned out to
be totally spineless.  Scrap 13 years of efforts by
approximately a dozen volunteers.  You couldn't get me
to serve on a CSA committee with an electric cattle
years, they changed their tune

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