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SLIGHTLY OT: Open-Source Building Systems Engineering Solution

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AHa !

I am with you Bill.

Reaching dream levels is great !  Hopefully
your health can improve and you can get
away from meds though.  Meds may help
but they don't solve problems.  Look into
food combining, it will bring the most answers.


I have been working on such ideas for a while.
Not that advanced at it, but learning all along,
knowing that it is the way to solve many problems.

I agree though with previous comments, that
a computer software guy is much different 
than an engineer.  

There was a time I focussed to learn C/C++ by myself,
and I thought I could help my friend in her course.
I helped as much as I could, and the first course
I knew fairly well.  However, she took it again,
not really on account of my teaching, and her 
next teacher sprung out all the bells and whistles,
and lost I was, even in basic C/C++.

I think it does need some concentrated time,
though, and a program will work.
Plus there are many C/C++ forums and AUGI
type forums where people collaborate.  And
solutions are partially there.  

Yes, such as Open FEM, although such projects
are even never fully worked out, there are always bugs.

But me, I am never a pessimist.

If a collaborative scheme is found that people can add
to readily, I think it would function very well.

One idea, is to post algorithms of ideas.  Then also 
post code, and if someone takes a piece of code
for a day to work, make sure it gets put back at the
end of the day, like a library.  So that two people 
are not working on the same thing.  And it builds
and continues, however slowly it may build, it will indeed
build, one engineer at a time.

Refugio Rochin

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