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Re: Trusts & Personal Liability

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That very well could be. I've also heard about that law.  The last I really remember of OJ was him vowing to find Nicole's killer after the trial.

David Fisher wrote:

I think Gail is correct about that…


60 minutes did a story on how all these white collar

Crooks (enron, worldcom, etc…) relocate to Florida

Because of the bankruptcy laws regarding retaining

Your “principal residence”…






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O.J. Simpson sold his house to pay for legal fees. Now he does not own
property in his name.

I actually believe this may be wrong.  I believe he owns a house either in or near Coral Gables (I have seen in Coral Gables a few times.) 


I believe he moved to Florida on purpose because under state law  his house is protected.


Gail Kelley

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