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Seismic load combos and IBC

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Could someone please confirm the following?  I'm still
playing catch-up with the whole seismic code stuff.

Where Qe = "the effect of horizontal seismic forces"
as defined by the IBC, is that simply = the value for
V or Fp as determined per the code?  This doesn't seem
to be specifically stated.

And when are the special seismic load combinations for
Em used in addition to the regular seismic load
combinations for E?  The description in 1605.4 Special
seismic load combinations includes "where specifically
required by Sections 1613 through 1622..." yet I can't
put my fingers on where it is actually required.

FWIW, This is mostly in SDC B area with the equivalent
lateral force procedure.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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