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RE: Earthquakes and geotechs

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That's now defined as confined entry and is very closely regulated by OSHA.  WE DO NOT DO THIS AT ANY PLACE I"VE WORKED.  It is way too dangerous.  I've had some Structural Engineers request that I check the "bells" on belled piers.  I politely said, "After you."
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Subject: Earthquakes and geotechs

An interesting side note:
With the recent earthquake activity in So Cal, the news was interviewing a geotech who was 70 feet down a caisson hole doing a visual inspection when the latest quake hit.....
The pulled him free with the crane suffering only minor scrapes and bruises.
I for one couldn't be paid enough to go 70 feet down a 3 foot hole, the idea of an earthquake while down there produces a cold sweat...