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RE: Seismic load combos and IBC

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	When using ASCE 7-02 however, you do not have the special load
cases Eq 16-19 and Eq 16-20. The ASCE load combinations allow you to use
0.7E, I think. (1.2/.7 = 1.7) I interpret the statement: "This increase
shall not be combined with increases in allowable stresses or load
combinations reductions otherwise permitted by this standard..." to mean
that you cannot use a 1/3 stress increase or 0.75 times multiple
variable loads. This approach seems to me to harmonize the IBC 2003 and
ASCE 7-02 load combinations best. I would like to know what other SEAINT
listers think.

Wesley C. Werner

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Isn't the 1.7 increase (2003 IBC 1617.1.1.2) only used if you 
are designing with the simplified procedure?  If the equivalent 
lateral force is used 2003 IBC refers you to ASCE 7.  In ASCE 7 you are allowed only a 1.2 ASD increase


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