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Re: Dead line 6/19/05 SECB warning

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 Maybe we should get together and form our own certification board. That would appear to have as much legitimacy as the SECB.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: Dead line 6/19/05 SECB warning

My June 2005 "Structural Magazine" has an advertisement for "Structural Engineering Certification Board" SECB It has a message that is forcing an issue. What a bully our association has become. To be certified as a Structural Engineer. It states that if we do not sign up by June 19 our grandfathering license will be forfeited. I will then have to take an exam, pay for it and get recommendations to be certified. 
If I do not send in an application by June 19th I then am no longer seemingly qualified. This date has no relevance to my expertise and seems like a desperate move on their part. I am sending in my $350 and grandfathering in, under emotional duress. 
To further muscle the issue, the one time fee is $350 and is to inflate $100 each year. Each year one decides to rely only on his state license is to be punished $100 (no service) additional fee to start up. The yearly dues are then $100. 
I am concerned that there will be required annual overpriced seminars too far away to be cost effective. Even the online seminars appear to be overpriced. 
I went to the SECB web site and found a very small percent of all engineers in USA have signed up. Schmidt, in the same referenced magazine, seems to be hinting that the license is only for states that do not have a structural engineering license. It is feasible that larger developers and insurance companies may demand this certification in states that do not have a structural designation. If this becomes common, SECB certified engineers may be requested at all locations and states may drop state certifying. 
I recommend applying, before time is up and they break your arm. 
David B Merrick, California CE & SE  
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