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Re: Using grating for snow drift

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I heard of one company/person installing a new roof
consisting of galv'd metal deck on support beams,
with holes drilled at approx 12" on ctr.

On 17 Jun 2005 at 12:21, Peter Griem wrote:

> I am considering the possibility of suspending a metal grating over an
> existing roof to carry new snow drift loads (created by an adjacent
> addition) back to columns.  The concept being that heavy snows would
> pile up on the grate and eventually melt through to roof below.  
> Does anyone know of any literature which would address this concept -
> e.g. data re: a maximum width of perforations to "catch" snow, or has
> anyone successfully done something similar?  I spoke to one grating
> manuf (who wasn't much help) but he did suggest that this may be
> somewhat common in some of the mountain states.  
> Thanks,
> Peter 

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