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RE: Deck Design for Wyoming

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You may also purchase metal “U” shaped holders with a 16” piece of rebar welded on that can be inserted into a concrete pier. Many people in this area rent a posthole auger, sink a few holes and fill with concrete without sonotubes. I don’t care for the idea myself, I would use tubes.




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Since my house is not a large custom home by anyone's standards (and certainly not by JH standards),  I am more looking towards the post holder solution.  I think they sell them in the Home Depot in Idaho Falls.


I am assuming that it might help, and certainly would hurt, if I dug out enough to put in a layer of drain rock below the paver that supports the post holder.   I'm wondering if there is anything else that can be done to improve the chances of success. 


This is a low-tech affair,  no gas connections, etc.


Gail Kelley