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Re: MBS Base Plate Grouting

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The anchor bolts are designed for tension and shear only (I believe).  =

This may not be true if the grout is spec'd in advance of building
design, sometimes, maybe, ...

We have never had any luck convincing a pre-eng building manufacturer to allow for it.

If a grout space is added then there is additional bending taking place
between the two plates.

In theory this is true. There are redundancies such as friction beween
base/grout and grout/foundation. I haven't seen much evidence to suggest
that this is a big problem.

I agree. I was basing my comments on theory and the low rise building design manual put out by CISC about 15 years ago.

Is anybody aware of a metal building failure caused by bolt failure on a
grouted base due to bending of the bolts?

I would not be comfortable basing my designs on whether or not anything similar has ever failed before as I am sure we have all seen designs that were very substandard that did not fail.

David Handy, P.Eng.

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