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Re: Crane Beam Design using excel spreadsheet downloaded in

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Thanks Charley
In the spreadsheet downloaded in

This dumped me at a fairly random spot.  Is it the correct web address?
Was there more to it?

Im using W27x94 + C15X33.9 and they get Lr = 607.47 and the reference is AISC table A-F1.1
the question is how they obtain Lr  for W27x94 + C15x33.9
and Im wondering if  Lr can be solved by other method than trial and error showed in  The edition of Design Guide 7 Example 18.1.3

Oh.  Well, in principle you can compute Cw directly for the combined
shape that is there, then use that computed value in LRFD F1-6, as they mention in the design guide. You can compute Cw by formulating the differential equation for torsion for the combined section. Personally, I agree with
the authors of the design guide:  it's more complicated to do it that way.



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