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Re: Footing sliding resistance - Friction

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    Not at all.  The point I was trying to make (which was also made by one other responder)is that when you increase the width of the footing you also increase the weight of concrete and backfill on top of the footing.  This increased weight may provide greater frictional resistance to sliding.


    Your example of car tire pressure relates to a different phenomenon.  The actual coefficient of friction between a car tire and ice, for example, may change as a function of tire pressure especially if the temperature of ice is near the melting point.




H. Daryl Richardson


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Hello Daryl:  I sometime read this list.  Need your help in understanding your response below.  I think the area has to do with the resistance also just as a tire low in area (more surface area) will provide more resistance that a pressures tire (car wt remain the same).  What you think?